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10/05: Dr. Robert Turknett and Lyn Turknett’s book, Decent People, Decent Company, was recently made the subject of a book review by Executive Book Summaries. The review details the importance of the Turknett’s Leadership Character Model, and how it relates to the integrity, respect, and responsibility of corporations as well as the individuals they employ. The review cites the actual case studies which were present in the book, in order to portray how the Turknett’s model has worked in the actual business world.

9/05: Book Review: HRMagazine: Dr. Robert and Lyn Turknett’s book Decent People, Decent Company was reviewed in the September issue HRMagazine, a publication of the Society for Human Resource Management(SHRM).

9/05: In the September 2005 issue of the professional development magazine Training, Dr. Robert and Lyn Turknett’s book, Decent People, Decent Company, was featured in a review. The book was recommended as a “buy,” and the reviewer noted that “You can bet I’m passing this one onto my colleague for sure. The focus of the book is the workplace, but the concepts are “24-hour principles” that apply to your whole life.”

8/24/05: Turknett Leadership Group was cited extensively in the article “What is leadership?” on the information technology website itmatters.com. The article emphasizes the importance of leadership, and uses the Leadership Character Model as an example of the core qualities leaders need to be successful.

7/9/05: Susan B. Hitchcock is featured in the Business Section of the Leaf-Chronicle, Cleveland, Tennessee’s local newspaper. Susan addressed the Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce Women in Business luncheon on Wednesday, July 13th, 2005.

July 2005: “Ten Traits That Are Essential for Female Leaders” is the title of Lyn Turknett’s latest article published in World WIT. WorldWIT is the leading global online and offline network for women in business and technology. Read Article.

6/1/05: Electronic Business Online quotes Lyn Turknett on the subject of CEOs as the moral compass for their organizations citing the Boeing/Stonecipher case.

5/05: “Parenting Skills That Spill Over into the Work Place” is the title of the article published in the Gannett News Service quoting Lyn Turknett. Lyn concurs with the author that the skills a mother uses: consensus-building, recognition and reward, negotiation, planning, organization, collaboration and helping others reach their potential are all replicable and helpful at work.

5/22/05: Andrea James of the Mobile Register interviews Lyn Turknett about a recent code of ethics survey at EnergySouth Inc. Very negative responses from employees prompted the board to schedule mandatory meetings to look in to the matter. Lyn points out that there are ways to deal with this issue that can mitigate the situation.

4/25/05: Dr. Robert Turknett and Lyn Turknett are each profiled on CNN International.com. Find out who influenced Dr. Robert Turknett the most and what his favorite gadget is in this interview with their Global Office. In a separate interview, find out how many books Lyn is reading and what website she values most.

4/12/05: CNN International.com extensively quotes Dr. Robert and Lyn Turknett in an article entitled, “An Ethical Approach to Management.” The Turknett’s cite new evidence that there is a shift toward a more positive business climate which is necessary for the long-term success of any company. Read more.

04/05: The front page of his month’s issue of North Atlanta’s Business Post contains an article and photo of Dr. Robert and Lyn Turknett. Winners of the recent Leadership Character Awards who reside in Fulton County. Bill Williams VP, BellSouth and MAPICS were featured as having each been honored at the February ceremony for outstanding leadership and organization character.

3/31/05: “How Employees Can Influence a Nonprofit Supervisor’s Job Performance” by Rebecca Gardyn includes advise from Dr. Robert Turknett on how to improve a boss/direct report relationship. The article appears in The Chronicle of Philanthrophy’s Philanthrophy Careers.

03/05: Lyn Turknett was quoted in this month’s issue of Fast Forward, a summary of technology trends and innovation, about the issue of corporate reputation. The article can be found online here.

2/05: The Atlanta Business Chronicle quotes Dr. Robert Turknett in a article about the merger between two divisions of the American Cancer Society. CEO Jack Shipkoski’s leadership was instrumental in helping make the merger successful. ACS has a long-standing business relationship with Turknett.

1/23/05: KnoxNews.com includes an article by Workwise author Mildred Culp entitled, “Baffled by a Problem Coworker?” She quotes from Decent People, Decent Company – How to Lead with Character at Work and in Life soon to be released from Davies Black.

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