Leadership in a Digital World

Tom Spahr -The Home Depot VP Talent Management & Development

Thoughts from “Leadership for the Digital Age” Panel discussion 2/26/19 presented by

Talent Connections, LLC and Career Spa, LLC with Turknett Leadership Group


“Digital transformation – digital must be embedded in the strategy – the work of all leaders – a strategic imperative. Everyone needs to understand the long term plan. Our CEO at ADP does town halls, blogs, etc. – constantly answering – where are we going?”

Tywana Minor.Sr. HR Director, ADP

“The kind of leader we need today to fill a key opening is no longer the SME (subject matter expert). Leaders need humility, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. They need to ask good questions in staff meetings and allow the team to find the answers.They no longer should be the ‘go to person/SME’ with all the answers, but someone who can lead and inspire the team to find the solutions.”

Thomas Spahr, VP Talent Management and Development, The Home Depot

“Why is digital transformation getting so much play? Before, technology was for operational efficiency – now a strategic lever – allows a company to compete differently”

  • We have the ability to push out content better than ever – that doesn’t mean people are learning
  • To learn to really develop, people need information PLUS action, need to apply immediately
  • Learning in the future will be on demand, socially driven, adapted to you
  • We don’t need more content – we need technology that supports real learning

Larry Mohl, CEO, Jubi, Inc.

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