Manager As Leader: Leadership Learning Series

How often are strong specialized performers recommended and promoted into managerial positions? It seems to be the convention that strong results are good indicators for success upon promotion. However, the skills and competencies needed for true excellence in a management position are vastly different from those of a specialized position. When a new manager is underprepared to lead and, ironically, to manage their team, the company can experience high turnover.

One in two employees don’t leave a company; they leave a manager [Gallup, 2017]. One of our TLG coaches worked with a telecommunications company that had fourteen new managers all under the age of 35. Nearly all were hired for their specialized abilities and being asked to lead proved overwhelming. Their teams cited poor communication and bad time management as the most common failures which alienated them from their team.

The coach was brought in to consult with them on building their people-skills. The managers had blind spots that prevented them from seeing their flaws. These individuals were identified as having superior talent primarily because of their specialized skills. They failed to bring strong leadership skills to the table and that damaged company progress.

At TLG, leadership is our expertise. With over 30 years of experience, TLG is the premiere resource for Leadership Development with a track record of turning managers into leaders.


1. Leadership Profile Assessment


  • Individual, customized preparation with an experienced coach
  • Use of Hogan Personality Inventory

Hogan Personality Inventory

  • Fortune 500 companies use the HPI as a predictor of job performance and leadership capacity
  • Particularly effective with business leaders and high potentials
  • Pinpoints development areas and manages inconsistent performance

2. All-day Learning Experience

Program Includes

  • Evolution as a Manager
  • Manager as a Leader Today
  • Leadership Best Practices
  • Self-leadership
  • Interactive Activities
  • Action Planning
  • One-on-One Effective Feedback
  • Assessment

3. Three Follow-Up Sustainability Webinars

  • Manager as Leader
  • Communication and Transparency/Vulnerability
  • Coaching for Performance and Potential


The benefits of investing in leadership training go far beyond the individual. On an organizational level, managers with strong technical and leadership skills will reduce turnover. TLG’s work has enabled greater retention.

Summarized TLG Case Study:

Our TLG Coach used a 360 Assessment as the initial step in the program and then retested in six months. Following the initial assessment the Coach collected data from the manager’s team based on five competencies: Capability, Communication, Team Engagement, Team Safety and Relationship Strength. Results from all surveys showed an increase of more than 20% for all competencies.

Leadership development is never specific to a position, but rather to the individual. Strong leadership skills allow for an individual to gain understanding of self and how to evolve in their current role.

Why Turknett Can Help You

The Manager As Leader program is part of TLG’s Leadership Character Model. Leadership Character is based on a foundation of Integrity and a balance of Respect and Responsibility. A leader without integrity can damage the work of all employees in their oversight. TLG transforms new managers into credible leaders who then contribute directly to overall organizational success.

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