2021 April Newsletter: Authentic Confidence

Authentic Confidence

Some days we feel like true Super Heroes…and other days we feel like total imposters, just waiting for someone to catch a glimpse of the real person beneath the disguise and see us for the flawed, self doubting person that we really are. Yin and yang – two extremes. And most of us have felt both at some time or another.

So what is this thing called Authentic Confidence?

“To put it simply, true confidence is a feeling of self-assurance that is grounded in an authentic experience of our own ability, perspective and sufficiency.” -How to be Truly Confident. Success.com

It’s not faking it till you make it.. which creates an inauthentic self – the supposedly “confident” person – which creates a division between the person you really are and the person you’re pretending to be. It’s being vulnerable enough to acknowledge when our confidence takes a hit. It’s building confidence by doing the work required to build it – putting time into our craft, investing in new skills, repairing relationships, sticking with difficult goals, and – most importantly – being patient as our confidence steadily evolves.

We have all seen the other kind of confidence…it’s everywhere these days. As the Leadership Character Model teaches, authentic confidence is self-confidence balanced with humility. Responsibility balanced with respect. It’s always a balancing act but one that becomes a strong muscle with practice.

Hoping the ideas in this issue help you in your quest for authentic confidence. Enjoy.