2021 March Newsletter: Change is Constant… or Not?

Change is Constant… or Not?

This month of March, we at TLG are thinking about change.

  • Daylight Savings Time: With the change of daylight savings time, there are more hours of sunlight for us to enjoy the outdoors (although the leap forward is painful to many-losing an hour. All the clocks need changing. And, it is disruptive on the body to make this change twice a year.)
  • Covid Vaccine: The relief of getting the Covid vaccine or getting an appointment and looking forward to seeing family and friends without fear of contagion (although even with the vaccine protocol is not clear. Still social distance? Masking? Mutations of the virus?)
  • International Women’s Day: The celebration of Women’s History Month and the progress women have made (or not – many women are dropping out of the workforce due to child care issues and there is slow progress of women CEO’s and board members.)
  • Life Events: Life events like weddings, the birth of babies, and funerals are still happening (but on Zoom? Giving birth without family surrounding us? Not being with loved ones in the hospital? Grief without the comfort of hugs from family and friends?)
  • Returning to the workplace: Returning to a physical workplace is another change on the horizon for many. Employees are eager for the team collaboration they have missed, some even miss their commutes as it was a time for thinking or listening to music, news, or audio books in private. (For others, there is fear of continued fear of Covid infections. And, an unwillingness to give up the freedom of remote work. Some have even relocated during the pandemic because of the freedom of working remotely.)
  • Children going back to school: Many parents are celebrating the return to the physical classroom, both for their children and for their own sanity! Students are thrilled to be seeing friends again. There is optimism for in-person graduations. And those who have struggled with access to internet and pc’s and even the meals provided by schools are welcoming the return to the classroom. (Others, including parents, teachers, and students, are concerned about infection, especially as vaccinations have not been available to all groups equally.)

So much change…so much to look forward to, so much that is unsettling, and much that causes fear. As the cartoon above illustrates, we can fear the change or leap across to the other side with joy and a nice pirouette. We hope this newsletter is helpful as you think of and cope with change. Because change is constant…or not.