2021 May Newsletter: Innovation in Communication

Innovation in Communication

These are fascinating times for communications. We have more and more tools at our fingertips with instant access and 24/7 availability but lack of communication still plagues us. We have gone from communication that took days or hours to reach us, to now having split second delivery. Instant access feels great at first, but eventually creates other issues…like Zoom fatigue, email overload and robo calls. It’s the old double-edged sword. Do you ever find yourself just yearning for a quiet space with no electronics, no news, no calls?

This month, we want to take a look at ways of viewing communications differently. Not the newest and greatest technology innovations, but what makes meaning behind the communication. From behind our masks and our computer screens and our phones, we are about to be around people again. It’s a good time to be thinking about how we as leaders re-engage with other people in person, on planes, in the grocery stores, in restaurants, in our offices. It’s spring and a time of renewal and rebirth. How are we plugging in again?