2022 April Newsletter: The Connection Conundrum

The Connection Conundrum

Following two years of rapid change and uncertainty, the new normal has begun to emerge as organizations slowly call their workforces back to the office. While remote and hybrid workplaces were rare prior to Covid-19, in just two short years, it has become clear they are here to stay.


















This mix of hybrid, remote, and on-site work environments has led to what is called the connection conundrum, bringing many unique challenges. Employees who work remotely, or even partly remote, may be at a disadvantage compared to their on-site counterparts. On-site employees have access to office resources, direct contact with superiors, and greater collaboration. Furthermore, remote and hybrid work environments have reported more isolation and less connectivity.

Despite these issues, many working remotely or hybrid hope to keep the flexibility of these environments. Management and leaders now have the tall task of implementing successful strategies that will better connect their people and teams, no matter the environment. We hope that the content you find in this month’s newsletter will be thought-provoking and help you to find ways to stay better connected no matter where you are.