2022 March Newsletter: Women in the Workplace (and not)

The State of Women at Work

Data from the federal government shows that men are entering the job market in droves despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Women are not.

“In many families, the lowest-wage-earning spouse chose to voluntarily resign to care for their at-home children or other family members,” said Deb Boelkes, author of Women on Top: What’s Keeping You from Executive Leadership “Many women found juggling business responsibilities with homeschooling, child care and elder care simply wasn’t worth the effort or the income to justify staying in the job.”

Bob Turknett, Co-founder of TLG puts it this way, Both men and women are work horses for businesses, but women are also the work horses for families to thrive. During these last years, many women have had to make some tough choices between the two.

In almost every area, these years have taken a toll on the progress women were making in the workplace. We hope this newsletter issue will serve to stimulate thought and discussion as well as action. During Women’s History Month, it’s an appropriate time to reset.