CEO Exclusive: Turknett Leadership Group

Our own Tino Mantella and Marty Gupta were featured on the CEO Exclusive Podcast. Click here to listen. Or watch it here!

Unshackle the Intelligence of Your Organization

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Introducing the Elite Cognition Program

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My Unexpected Rise to CEO: Lessons Learned and Miracles Earned

By Nancy Cranford I immediately thought, “Can I do this? I’m not ready for this.  I’m too young.” I was always a strong confident woman, … Read More

Behavioral Lessons from the Awards: Research Findings from the Leadership Character Awards

Since 2003, the Turknett Leadership Group has been hosting the Leadership Character Awards. These awards aim to recognize and honor Georgia leaders who most embody … Read More

Leaders Who Changed the World: Who Are You Most Like?

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The Content of our Character: Lincoln, MLK, Oprah, and Bart

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Servant Leadership and Happiness in Dallas

Some folks, on reading this title, will think I’ve just flown on a certain airline headquartered in Dallas, but I have actually been attending the … Read More

Ron Johnson, Shan Cooper, and the Three Levels of Change Leadership

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Three Secrets of the Most Remarkable Servant Leader I’ve Known

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Five Minutes to Permanent Change

Change is really hard. Changing our ingrained habits is really, really hard. Read More

Why Do We Overlook Good News? The Number One Resolution for 2017

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The Dynamics of Inclusion

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Agile Leaders Needed

Last week was a “gearing up” week after the holidays, and I had put aside several Wall Street Journals. I always check the Management section … Read More