Board of Advisors

Charles A. Johnson

Partner, Noro-Moseley Partners

Mr. Charles A. Johnson is a General Partner at Noro-Moseley Partners. He joined the firm in 1993. Mr. Johnson was a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Sales Technologies, Inc., a start-up software company, that was one of the most successful investments made by Noro-Moseley Partners. Read More

Sandra C. Hofmann

CIO in Residence, ATDC

Sandra Hofmann is an innovative and inspiring executive who understands and drives the value of alignment across the enterprise and has successfully provided leadership to technology and manufacturing professionals for over 25 years. Sandy’s broad management experience, including 14 years with IBM, has enabled her to effectively guide teams to realize goals and deliver desired results. Read More

Susan B. Hitchcock

Executive Director of Women’s Initiatives

Susan Hitchcock has worked with TLG for over 20 years. She was formerly TLG’s Vice President of Client Services. She is the founder and current director of TLG’s popular Women in Leadership (WIL) seminar series. Susan is also involved in research, writing, and speaking on the subject of women and leadership. Read More

Barbara Reilly

Senior Consultant

Dr. Barbara Reilly, is a Human Capital and Talent Management Executive and Thought Leader, with a track record of building partnerships across a variety of organizations and industrial settings. Barb is a subject matter expert and business advisor to HR and business leaders in the areas of change management, leadership development, learning and development, strategy, talent management, team functionality, conflict resolution, and employee engagement processes. Read More