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Throughout his career, Tom has been recognized for performing well in challenging positions. His employers learned early on that he was the one you could count on to solve the tough problems. In 1975 at Allstate, he developed a claims program, used for many years, saving the company millions of dollars. He then moved to CNA Insurance Company, where he held positions as vice president of Personal Lines, vice president of corporate services and regional manager. In 1984, he started The Southern Heritage Insurance Company in Atlanta, the first public personal lines insurance company founded in the U.S. since 1950. The company was bought by GEICO Insurance Company in 1991. He left Southern Heritage in 1996 to become president, CEO and chairman of Prudential Property and Casualty Company, where he significantly strengthened the operation financially over a three-year period of time. In 1999, he was promoted to president of Prudential Distribution Systems for the U.S.

It was Tom’s thirst for a challenge that drew him to Crawford & Company. “It fit perfectly with my background,” Tom said. “I enjoy building an environment where people can realize their personal goals and objectives while contributing to the success of the company.”

Tom was also attracted to Crawford for its location. Throughout his career, job transfers have taken Tom all over the country, but during his tenure with Southern Heritage, Atlanta became the place he called home. After accepting the position with Prudential, he relocated to Newark, N.J. But when he retired from Prudential in 2002, Tom returned to Atlanta to enjoy the city he had grown to love.

Another reason Tom returned to Atlanta was to be close to his family. Tom’s strong sense of family stems from his father, who was a railroad engineer with five children. To this day, Tom honors and remembers his father by collecting scale steam locomotives.

Tom’s belief in maintaining the balance of family and career became the central message of the three commencement speeches he has been honored to deliver. His first commencement speech was to the Rutgers University business graduates of 1999 and the second was to the University of Georgia’s MBA graduates of 2001 and the third was to the graduates of Gainesville State College.

Tom is extremely proud to have delivered keynote speeches where he has the chance to talk about many subjects he deems important to the future of the industry. When Tom’s not speaking, working or attending association and board meetings, he enjoys power boating. After his retirement from Prudential in 2002, Tom quickly realized that he wasn’t ready for the uneventful daily routine of retirement. Shortly after returning from his trip, Tom was presented with the opportunity to join Crawford & Company.  Tom served as President and CEO from 2004 to 2008 when he was named Chairman of Board.  In December 2009, he retired from this position to concentrate on his new venture – Crawford Corporate Coaching.

In 2007, Tom was awarded the prestigious Turknett Leadership Character Award in the CEO category, sponsored by Turknett Leadership Group, KPMG and Kennesaw State University.

As CEO and founder of Crawford Corporate Coaching, he coaches senior leadership using the Crawford Management System which he perfected during his long career.  His goal in each engagement is to build long term sustainable results for his clients.

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