Our Approach

Our expertise is leadership.

We are a boutique consulting firm focused on providing personalized guidance and support to our clients. Our expertise is leadership, and we help clients hire, develop, and retain the leaders they need to move their organizations forward.  Our professional staff brings both depth and breadth to our clients by combining expertise in the behavioral sciences with practical business and executive management experience.

Expertise in Business & Psychology

We offer a staff of expert facilitators with varied backgrounds in industrial and organizational psychology, organization development consulting, senior executive and line management and educators. We understand the psychological, organizational, and business dynamics influencing a team; we understand both the why and how of team dynamics. While general management consultants generally do not understand individual and organizational dynamics, and psychologists generally do not understand business dynamics, we understand and integrate all of these in our work with clients.

TLG consultants are members of the following professional associations:

Professional Associations


TLG has built a reputation on results and client satisfaction. Over 2,000 executives have completed the Turknett individual Executive Development Program. Our clients represent companies of all sizes and industries, and include such companies as AGL Resources, American Cancer Society, BellSouth, Bennett International Group, Freebairn & Co., Georgia-Pacific Corp., Hewlett-Packard and Mercer Human Resources Consulting. At Turknett, we are passionately committed to the success of our client organizations. Our goal is to help every employee improve in the ability to lead others, themselves, and the organization more effectively.

Tailoring Our Consulting to Your Needs

In all our engagements, we tailor our services to your unique requirements. We focus on developing a long-term partnership to effectively integrate your leadership and organization development efforts with your long-range strategies. We consult closely in areas such as organizational core competencies, succession planning, change management, and strategic planning. Our staff includes highly trained psychologists as well as professionals with in-depth business backgrounds. Our considerable expertise in the behavioral sciences combined with our substantial business acumen ensures a balanced approach. This produces results that are practical and actionable, not academic or theoretical. The ultimate measure of our success is your improved business performance.

Character-Based Development

TLG is a talent management company experienced in character-based leadership and organization development.

We work with leaders and organizations to help them hire the best people, identify and develop their high-potentials effectively, and create high-performing teams and cultures.

We help ensure that our clients’ talent investments accelerate growth.

We use our proprietary Leadership Character Model as a principal guide. Our experience has shown that strong leadership character is the critical foundation for high performance in individuals, teams and companies as a whole.

Our clients value our depth of experience, and our staff’s combination of extensive psychological expertise with practical business sense and executive management experience.