Barbara Reilly, Ph.D.

Barbara Reilly, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant


Dr. Barbara Reilly, a senior leadership consultant at Turknett Leadership Group, has a broad consulting and academic background. She has coached over 200 leaders over twenty years and has worked with numbers of organizations across the United States and Canada in a variety of industries. Dr. Reilly also works with leaders and leadership teams to facilitate strategic planning, conducts talent reviews, helps eliminate barriers to high performance, and helps design and implement change initiatives. She has extensive experience in both the private and public sector. In her most recent prior role, Dr. Reilly served as the SVP for Employee, Nurse, and Physician Engagement at Press Ganey Associates. Dr. Reilly coached with Turknett Leadership Group from 1996 to 2011. She is a sought-after speaker as well, averaging 25 keynote speeches per year for the past five years.

Dr. Reilly also currently teaches Executive Leadership in the Georgia State University Robinson College of Business EMBA program. She was previously a faculty member at Georgia State University for over 15 years, serving as Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Managerial Sciences. She has also taught internationally at United Arab Emirates University in Abu Dhabi and at Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) in Nicosia and Limassol. Her research interests include employee engagement, large-scale change, leveraging survey feedback, effective team deployment, resilience, mindfulness, multigenerational leadership, and resistance to change.

Dr. Reilly received her doctorate in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and she has completed postdoctoral training in international business from USC. She is a frequent contributor to psychology and management journals and is an active member of a number of professional organizations.

Areas of Specialization

  • Executive Coaching for Senior Leaders, High Potentials, and Entrepreneurs
  • Turnaround Coaching to Prevent Derailment of Valued Managers
  • 360 Assessment and Feedback
  • Team Alignment and Conflict Resolution; Team Facilitator
  • Organizational Culture Audits
  • Psychological Assessment for Selection and Development
  • International Experience Working with Managers from Different Cultures
  • Management Assessment for Selection and Succession

Representative Consulting Engagements

  • National Non Profit – Executive coaching for successful mid-size market presidents being groomed to lead larger markets
  • Global Consulting Firm – Conducted pay equity analyses of over 38,000 employees to help firm assess fairness of payroll practices and to comply with ongoing OFCCP audits
  • Banking and Financial Services Firm – Team alignment and conflict resolution; third party peacemaking with hostile executives
  • Large Telecom Company – Delivered customized training programs in a large-scale, cascading, leadership development program
  • Large Family-owned firm – Family and organization dynamics work
  • Mining and Chemicals Company – Individual coaching and leadership team development to help a leader move the entire team to a higher level of effectiveness
  • National Healthcare/Medical Organization – Individual coaching for physicians to help strengthen their administrative, managerial and leadership skills
  • Large Hotel Chain – Turnaround coaching for valued senior executive with result of significantly improving his relationships across the organization
  • Banking and Financial Services Firm – Long-term coaching with IT executives; management assessment process to determine leadership bench strength and inform restructure
  • Large Telecom Company – Coached multiple high potentials from operations, marketing, customer service, and technology organizations
  • Large health system – Talent management. Employee Engagement and Measures, Analytics and Research.
  • Large Health System – Alignment of Senior HR Leaders and Chief Nursing Officers in a multiday retreat
  • Multinational Beverage Corporation – Leading a Team Building event for International Innovation Leaders from around the Globe
  • Federal Banking System – Designed and executed a high potential Leadership Academy
  • Workplace Interior Firm – Designed and executed a conflict resolution intervention to ease tension between corporate and resellers


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