Brian Bienn, Ph.D.

Brian Bienn

Senior Consultant, Assessment & Development Practice

Turknett Leadership Group

Brian Bienn joined the Turknett Leadership Group in April 2019 as Senior Consultant – Assessment & Development Practice. In this role he supports the firm’s mission of nurturing learning and development for leaders at all organizational levels. Through utilizing best-in-class assessments and developmental feedback with targeted coaching, Brian helps leaders enhance their impact and accelerate their readiness for more complex roles. Brian also supports clients through conducting robust assessments of external candidates for critical positions, helping to avoid costly hiring mis-steps and significantly increasing the likelihood that leaders brought on-board possess the leadership competencies needed to succeed in the role and the personal attributes and character needed to fit with the organization’s culture and values. At the team level, Brian works with multi-stakeholder teams that recognize the importance of establishing a collective vision, shared objectives and values, and the foundational processes to promote dialogue, manage disagreement, and continuously improve.

Brian is a licensed consulting psychologist and has practiced in Atlanta for 30 years, working with a wide array of clients and leaders, and with client companies committed to building a culture of leadership and coaching in order to improve business performance. He serves as adjunct faculty and senior executive coach with the LSU Executive Education Center, supporting multiple leadership development programs. Emotional Intelligence is an area of particular depth for Brian; with David Caruso he co-founded EI Skills Group and co-authored the “Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace” chapter of Emotional Intelligence in Everyday Life. Brian is certified in numerous personality assessments and 360 tools and is credentialed as a Board-Certified Coach.

In supporting leader development, Brian focuses on helping leaders build self-awareness and identify specific actions to become stronger contributors in their current roles and to prepare for broader and more demanding leadership positions. Leaders working with Brian develop keener self-understandings and the behaviors needed to set direction, align with others, exert positive influence, and impact their business. He has coached leaders from a range of sectors including; financial services, hospitality, retail, IT, pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals distribution, telecomm, risk solutions, construction and digital media solutions. He has also worked with several non-profit organizations, including Habit for Humanity International and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

In addition, Brian is one of the country’s most experienced providers of Partnering – team building on large-scale construction projects that improves team performance and financial outcomes for all stakeholder organizations. He has applied Partnering on hundreds of projects and helped scores of public and private entities utilize Partnering to accelerate the development of project teams and enhance their capacity to deliver significant project results.

Brian received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Louisiana State University, and returned to LSU for graduate study, earning a doctorate in industrial/organizational psychology – with a minor in clinical psychology. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Society of Consulting Psychologists.

Areas of Specialization

  • Assessment for selection and promotion
  • Coaching leaders and high potentials
  • Partnering and team building
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Executive Presence

Representative Engagements

  • Assessment – CFO – Regional energy cooperative. Successful candidate needed to be equipped to bring broader financial perspective and sophistication to the role, handle Board and investor relationships during the largest capex project in the cooperative’s history, upgrade systems, and build a talent pipeline.
  • Coaching – Senior Director – telecomm. High-performing, high-potential leader with opportunities to further build his brand with senior executives and to influence others through developing skills needed to project a more energizing and inspirational leadership style.
  • Partnering/ Team building – Design and construction team for a billion-dollar infrastructure program to ensure Atlanta’s water supply for the next 100 years. Facilitation of initial team session and follow-up sessions during the course of the multi-year project.

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