Len Romano

Leonard (Len) Romano

Sr. Consultant, Not-for-profit Practice

Len Romano joined the Turknett Leadership Group in April 2019 as Sr. Consultant, Not-for-profit Practice. Len brings over 38 years of not-for-profit senior management and CEO experience to the team. He has successfully improved and turned-around struggling organizations by developing great staff through coaching and implementing eight essential operating and leadership concepts that have worked in every situation. Len has used this process to grow earned revenues, improve operating environments, motivate the workforce, innovate and raise millions in contributed support. One hallmark of Len’s work is that he typically operates quickly, efficiently and results occur faster than others can produce.

Here is what Len has to say about his background, “In addition to formal education (BS University of Maryland, MBA Northeastern University, M.Div. Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary), I would have to say that the major factor that has influenced my success has been life-experience – learning by doing. In most situations I have been tasked with finding ways to generate earned revenues through entrepreneurial strategies and tactics – most of the time starting with a blank whiteboard. I am both blessed and cursed with the unique gift of noticing things that others don’t. This has led to new innovative directions (I don’t like to use the word “change”) in organization-wide operations, growth and cost savings. It is great to have a leadership style that results in organization-wide inspiration, but without the right staff members in the right positions there will be a difficult road to success. One of the things that I am most proud of is assessing talent and resourcing the organization with the right people to get to the next level. Not only does this benefit the organization but it benefits the staff member’s personal growth – over the years sixteen individuals who have worked for me have become CEOs or senior level leaders in other organizations.”

Based on Len’s track record of actual results, here is what he can do for you:

  • Revenue growth
  • Community relationship building and collaborations
  • Fund-raising and capital campaign growth
  • Public image and awareness
  • New ventures
  • Program development and outcome measures
  • Board development
  • Culture change
  • Strategic planning
  • Staff training and development
  • Turn-around leadership
  • Innovation
  • Problem solving
  • Creating new directions

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Email: ContactUs@turknett.com

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