Marty Gupta

Marty Gupta

Vice President, Strategy

Turknett Leadership Group

Marty Gupta joined the Turknett Leadership Group in December, 2018 as Vice President, Strategy. In this role he is responsible for the firm’s strategy practice which includes facilitating strategy-setting with senior teams, coaching executives on strategy and innovation, and TLG’s ‘strategy as a service’ content and tools.

Marty has over 30 years of experience in strategic planning and business development both in leadership roles and as an executive advisor to Fortune 500 companies. As Managing Director of the CAP Consulting Group, a strategy and innovation consultancy, Marty facilitated strategy-setting with senior teams and coached development teams at global companies in a range of industries. He conducted strategy sprints, implemented enterprise-wide agile innovation processes, and helped develop, launch and scale several new products and businesses.

Prior to CAP Consulting, Marty held senior positions at SAIC, PricewaterhouseCoopers and BellSouth. He ran a software company at SAIC, directed corporate development at PwC, and led product and marketing groups at BellSouth. Prior to that, he worked in corporate strategy and product development at AT&T and Xerox. Marty has developed or overseen development of over 75 successful products and businesses including global alliances, partnerships, joint ventures and acquisitions.

Marty has an MBA from the University of Rochester Simon School of Business, and a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Buffalo.

Areas of Specialization

  • Strategy-setting with senior teams
  • Executive coaching and executive team development
  • Corporate culture and change management
  • Coaching cross-functional teams pursuing new products, businesses and corporate capabilities
  • Innovation best practices (strategy and design sprints, agile planning and development, and rapid prototyping and scaling)
  • Critical Assumption Planning (discovery-driven planning)
  • Customer experience development (design thinking)
  • Marketing
  • Product development and management
  • Corporate strategy and development
  • Startups and venture management
  • Alliances, partnerships, joint ventures and acquisitions
  • Post-merger integration
  • Enterprise-wide process improvement

Representative Consulting Engagements

  • Global Medical Diagnostics Company – executive coaching and executive team development, facilitated annual strategy conference with senior team, and coached teams pursuing strategic initiatives (new products and capabilities)
  • Leading Health IT Company – implemented new strategic planning process, conducted workshops, and coached product teams
  • Global Medical Device Company – implemented new process for managing disruptive innovation and coached product development teams
  • Global Shipping and Logistics Company – facilitated strategic planning with senior team of newly acquired company and assisted with post-merger integration
  • Global Telecommunications Equipment Company – strategy-setting with senior team and conducted voice of the customer study
  • European Medical Device Company – strategy setting with senior team, helped company enter US market
  • Global Consumer Electronics Company – coached product development team
  • Mid-sized Medical Device Company – customer experience process improvement, company was later acquired
  • Cloud Professional Services Company – strategy-setting with senior team, one of the fastest growing companies in Georgia
  • Computer Security Startup Company – strategy-setting with senior team, conducted customer experience study, company was later acquired
  • Health IT Startup Company – executive coaching, strategy-setting and fund-raising for early-stage neuralnetworking (AI) company
  • Sports Advertising Startup Company – executive coaching, strategy-setting and product development for early-stage, augmented reality (AR) company

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