Richard Stone

Richard Stone

Strategic Partner& Chief Storyteller

Turknett Leadership Group

Richard Stone is a nationally recognized speaker on the power of story and its applications in business, healthcare, and education. He got his start nearly 30 years ago developing story-based training programs for team building and leadership development and has been a leader in work on the healing effects of narrative reminiscence. He has worked with diverse organizations such as Walt Disney Imagineering, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Hewlett Packard, Eastman Chemical Company, Kraft Foods, and Novant Health. Currently at StoryWork International he is focused on using the power of story to assist leaders to transform their organizations and their approach to leading, infusing their work with deeper purpose and meaning.

Richard has authored The Healing Art of Storytelling, Stories: The Family Legacy, The Kingdom of Nowt, and co-wrote The Patient Survival Handbook. He is currently working on a new book entitled The 7 Powers of Story. Previously he was the Chief Innovation Officer for Synensys, and prior to that the StoryAnalytics Master for the IDEAS Innovation Team (a former division of the Walt Disney Company) where he was on the team that created StoryCare, an innovative program for driving behavioral change among healthcare staff to improve patient safety and satisfaction. Richard also co-created the award-winning board game Pitch-A-Story, and is an accomplished artist and photographer. Finally, Richard is a member of the board of PCI Media an international organization located in New York City committed to improving health, environmental, and social justice outcomes around the world using the power of story.


StoryWorks and TLG have developed a partnership whereby the following offerings will be exclusively brought to clients through the TLG/StoryWorks partnership. The combination of Turknett’s Leadership Development acumen and Stone’s storytelling for leadership are proving to be a powerful combination in relation to growth for people, teams, and companies.

  • MasterStory Experience – A program designed for leaders and staff to discover their personal calling and how to master the power of story to improve their personal and professional effectiveness.
  • MasterStory for Organizations – A program designed for to assist organizations to transform their companies through a story-based process of discerning their Why, Significance, Strategic Values, and Cultural/Relational Values.
  • StoryCamp for Leaders – a program designed to be a retreat for leaders to discover how to master the power of story to enhance their leadership effectiveness.
  • Story Envisioning – This program is designed to assist an organization to paint a narrative picture of a desired future and can be used to inform the experience design process.
  • Story for Teams – This program is intended to provide deeper understanding and appreciation within diverse teams through the sharing of strategically defined stories.
  • Storytelling for Nonprofit Fundraising – This program shows development teams and nonprofit volunteers how to be more effective in their fundraising deploying the power of story in their solicitation efforts.