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Journal Articles

An Overview of Talent Development By Carolyn N. Turknett. The fundamental attributes of an exceptional talent development process is outlined in this article that appeared in the Human Resource, SHRM-Atlanta’s newsletter in 2005.

Going first and Being Followed: Leading with Knowledge and Integrity. By Dr. Robert Turknett, Lyn Turknett, and Dr. Chris McCusker. In this article we draw attention to the challenge of creating change and the importance of personal leadership character as a key ingredient of any successful change process.

Benefits of Women’s Networks.  By Dr. Liz Roling. Presented at 27th Annual Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP Conference).

Three Essentials for Rebuilding Trust: Code, Character and Conversation. This article is featured in the Fall 2002 publication of “GoodBusiness”, The Southern Institute’s online journal. The article was written by Bob and Lyn Turknett and deals with ethics and integrity in the workplace.

Articles on Leadership to the Fifth Level – Constructive Developmental Theory:

“Coaching and Developing Others.” A presentation by Barbara A. Reilly, Ph.D., Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University.

“Emotional Intelligence: The New Critical Competencies.” By Turknett Leadership Group. A brief case study and discussion on the areas of emotional intelligence and why these characteristics are important to a successful leader.

“What Are You Missing In Your Retention Toolkit That Could Boost Your Bottom Line?” A presentation by Michael Sessions and Carolyn Turknett for SHRM-Atlanta Conference.

What Does it Take to Become a Great Leader? By Susan Hitchcock.

Magazine/Newspaper Articles

  • Business to Business Magazine Series (by Bob & Lyn Turknett):
  • What Stands in Your Way? Self-Righteousness Isolates (December, 2009)
  • Taking Conflict To The Fifth Level (November, 2009)
  • The Moral Of The Meltdown (October, 2009)
  • Change Management:From Can’t to Can Do (September, 2009)
  • Assessing Cultures:Acquiring the Best of Both in a Merger (August, 2009)
  • Code, Character and Conversation: How do you restore ethics and character in the workplace?(June, 2009)
  • Smart Team + Humble Leader = Brilliant Success:Leadership can be a delicate balancing act (May, 2009)
  • Know How to Revitalize Before You Downsize:Right and wrong ways to implement cutbacks? (April, 2009)
  • Master Your Emotions:What can you do to keep your cool and not jeopardize your job?(March, 2009)
  • Go First: Be The Leader You Are Waiting For (January, 2009)
  • What Makes a Leader. By Robert Turknett.
  • Don’t Be Too Cocky. By Robert Turknett. (September, 2000)
  • Unaware and Self-Destructive: How Overconfident Execs Sabotage Their Careers. By Randall H. Lucius and Robert Turknett.

Ten Traits Essential for Female Leaders. Here are ten traits women can focus on in order to develop strong leadership behaviors and skills necessary to rise to power positions in the work place. Plus, there is a simple quiz included at the end to find out how you rank in leadership skills.

When Business is Bad…Better be Good. An article by Carolyn Turknett, President of Turknett Leadership Group

Leading Change in an Operating Culture. An article on effectively managing change by Dr. Chris McCusker.

“Culture: The New Competitive Advantage.” by Carolyn Turknett and Susan Hitchcock. An Article for HR Atlanta.

“Culture is Critical: Don’t Forget About the Little Things” by Robert L. Turknett, Carolyn N. Turknett, and James L. Anderson. An Article for Competitive Edge Magazine.

Ethics of Telling All. A comment on honesty in communication.

Our view of leadership.” By Robert Turknett, President. A Three-part Series for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“Women and Leadership.” By Susan Hitchcock, Vice President. An Article for HR Atlanta. Triggered by a compelling research report about women leaders, some of Atlanta’s top executives recently agreed to be interviewed one-on-one, to share their views about the study’s findings, and to give personal insights on the progress of women in the workplace, especially their advancement through the so-called “glass ceiling”.

“Aggressive Leadership: When Does Strength Become Weakness?” By Robert L. Turknett and James L. Anderson. An Article for Competitive Edge Magazine.

“Leadership in the E-conomy.” Read selected comments from presenters of the Turknett Leadership Group Forum event.

White Papers

“Maximizing the Performance of Your Sales Force”. A White Paper by Randall Lucius, VP of Human Performance

“Principles of Leadership Development”. A White Paper by Carolyn Turknett, President of Turknett Leadership Group

“Organizational Revitalization When Downsizing.” A White Paper by Carolyn Turknett, President of Turknett Leadership Group.

“10 Traits That Are Essential for Female Leaders.” A White Paper by Carolyn Turknett, President of Turknett Leadership Group.

“Leading with Character: Overcoming Complacency.” A White Paper by Luis F. Valdes, Ph.D.

“Leadership Character Behaviors” Lessons from the Awards.


Executive derailment: The high-value, high-cost employee. By Dr. Michael Sessions.

Differences in Self/Other Perceptions and Personality. By Dr. Randall Lucius and Carolyn Turknett, Turknett Leadership Group.

Ongoing Research

“Internal Women’s Networks – Impact in Organizations” by Liz Roling, PHD. Turknett Leadership Group. Doctoral dissertation research focused on internal women’s networks. The dissertation’s purpose was to investigate types of activities women’s networks provide, how participants react to the network, and what the benefit is to the individuals and the organizations participating in and supporting these groups.

Women’s Network Research Summary.pdf

Top Talent Management Challenges

Turknett Leadership Group surveyed practitioners and academics at the 25th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology to identify the top talent management challenges facing their organization today.

Rankings Of Executives In Trouble by Job Function

Research reveals that today’s professional women are redefining their ideas of success. Read what this diverse group of women leaders had to say about issues related to success, mentoring and entrepreneurial pursuits in our Women in Leadership Report (doc file)

Research shows that companies that invest more money in training perform better on the stock market than companies that invest less. More.

Profile of Executives In Trouble

Profile of the Best Leaders

How Best Leaders compare to Executives in Trouble

APA presentation: Differences in Self/Other Perceptions and Personality

APA presentation: Beyond Conscientiousness: Neuroticism at Work

Female Executives Underestimate Themselves.

“Don’t be too cocky”. Turknett research published in Atlanta Journal/Consitution.

Emotional Intelligence.


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