ChiefSpace: Group Coaching for Chiefs of Staff

Amplify the Impact of your Chief of Staff

Turknett Leadership Group and Laurie Arron, Executive Coach, have teamed up to introduce ChiefSpace™, a group coaching program for Chiefs of Staff that accelerates their growth and amplifies their performance in service of you and your company mission. This program is designed to give your Chief of Staff the wisdom and tools they need to become a top performer in the role.

ChiefSpace is beginning on Thursday, February 23rd!

The Executive Life can be Overwhelming

  • Competing demands like leading employees, attending meetings, managing board relationships, and engaging with clients leave you with little or no time.
  • Investors and strategic partners consume hours of your day, leaving you little time for creative thinking.
  • Deadlines and escalations interfere with the time you WANT to spend focusing on your top priorities and driving the company’s strategic vision forward.
How Effective is your Chief of Staff?

We’d like to invite you to take this short quiz that explores some of the challenges you face to measure how effective your Chief of Staff is in service of you and the company mission.

Chief of Staff

Unlock Your Chief's Full Potential with ChiefSpace

Your Chief of Staff has your back, but who has theirs? Through ChiefSpace, you can unleash your Chief’s full potential and gain the high level support you need to maximize your impact as a senior leader.


What Participants are Saying:

Working with Laurie was a total game changer for me as a Chief of Staff. With her support and coaching, I was able to hit the ground running and drive high impact for my CEO and the company, which has resulted in strong performance across our leadership team and a more engaged culture. Laurie shared tools, resources and suggestions with me that were invaluable in helping me operate as a strong Chief of Staff. Her strategies and assessments have also been life changing – they’ve helped me develop a strong mindset when under pressure and boosted my confidence in the role. I was just promoted to VP of Business Operations and my CEO appreciates the value I am driving for our firm.


V. Zelner, Former Chief of Staff to CEO – ThreadStudio
The ChiefSpace program was the best investment I could have ever made in my career. The program goes far beyond what you need to be successful in the role and goes into how to be a successful leader and drive change in all areas of the business. Chiefspace has allowed me to grow in confidence not only in my work, but also in my personal life. Highly recommend it to anyone who is working with or supporting executives.


Becky Payne, Chief of Staff – Sage Software
“ChiefSpace was informative and impactful! The program was insightful into how to be the most impactful Chief of Staff in service of your leader and your broader team. Well done!”


Ann Guilford, Senior Leader – Expedia Group
“ChiefSpace pushed me to make bold moves that led to effective outcomes. We leveraged Laurie’s tools and consultation to develop strategic frameworks for improved and effective decision-making, prioritizing, goal-setting and more. The program inspired me to grow as a leader who spends less time in the weeds and more time leading from my strengths. ChiefSpace forced me to broaden my thinking and understanding of how a Chief can operate at their best.”


Kai Mace, Chief of Staff to CEO – Primitive

Benefits & Outcomes

Chiefs of Staff

    • Feel seen, heard, and understood with an exclusive curated group of chiefs who speak your language.
    • Learn best practices, tools, and techniques to stay laser-focused and on track.
    • Engage with a private community; peer network of support for inspiration and motivation.
    • Reach your peak performance as a Chief of Staff.


  • Ensure your Chief of Staff realizes their full potential, in service of you and the company mission.
  • You’ll get hours of your time back each week to work on the things that matter most to you.
  • You’ll soon have the space to freely ideate and explore critical matters without pressure or feeling judged.
  • You’ll rely on your Chief as a trusted thought partner who challenges your thinking and helps you with your blind spots.

Course Structure

    • 8 X 90-minute group coaching sessions with an exclusive curated group of Chiefs who speak your language so you feel heard and understood.
    • 2 X 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Laurie; dive specifically into what’s happening with YOU.
    • Videos + journal prompts to keep you focused and on track.
    • Optimize performance with best practices, tools, and guest speakers.
    • Private community; peer network of support and inspiration.
    • Full support library of tools, articles & resources to help you on your journey.

Meet the Coach

As a former seasoned Chief of Staff to senior leaders at a Fortune 10 company, I understand how critical it is for you to have strong support around you, operating at full throttle, in service of your agenda. I understand what senior leaders face, the expectations and demands. I understand what you want AND most importantly, what you need in your Chief.

Serving as a Chief of Staff was one of the best roles of my entire career. I now serve as a trusted advisor and executive coach to senior leaders and Chiefs of Staff. I help Chiefs reach their peak performance in service to their leader and the company mission.

Laurie Arron, Trusted Advisor and Executive Coach

Program Investment

  • Investment$3,750/month with a four month commitment

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Chief is in Your Corner, and so are we!

ChiefSpace kicks off on Thursday, February 23rd. Enroll today and accelerate your career!