Client Experiences

Growth, Talent and Executive Leadership: Freebairn & Co. is a progressive, full-service advertising agency that is enjoying rapid growth. Founded in 1980 with no employees and no clients, the agency is today one of the top 400 independent agencies in the country. As the company grew over the years, it developed a fast-paced style of doing business, with people frequently communicating about accounts as they passed one another in the hallway. As the staff approached 25 people, however, growing pains set in. The “hallway” mode of management was proving ineffective. At the “25” mark they found they were dealing with more variance in experience levels, in personalities, in work and communication styles and in team capabilities. They needed a more structured communication system and a way to understand and meld the various people that were making or breaking the success of the company.

What Would Turknett Have Us Do?: Talus was founded in 1984 and, as the result of a merger in 1997, has offices in both Atlanta and Mountain View, California. In the mid-90s, the company was growing at the rate of 50% a year. Such dramatic growth meant the company was changing and bringing in new people at a rapid rate. “As you might imagine, our company faced a lot of issues related to such rapid and significant growth. We especially wanted to ensure that the leaders of the company were all on the same page,” says Mr. Cross.

Building Trust and Teamwork in a Diverse Environment: Our company, Sales Technologies, was in the early stages of rapid growth when we started our relationship with Bob and Lyn of Turknett Leadership Group. We were bringing in a number of senior managers from a variety of backgrounds and corporate cultures. We needed them to help meld this diverse group into an effective, productive team.

Gaining Self-understanding and an Appreciation of Others: A&A Services is an outsourcing firm that provides contract personnel to the telecommunications industry. The company controls a database of several thousand contract professionals and frequently has as many as 300 people working on projects that last from several weeks to many months. As A&A grew, its owners sought out a consultant who could help leverage individuals strengths and further develop team and interpersonal skills.

Asserting Leadership and Building Teamwork: Working with Turknett Leadership Group has been a very enlightening and enjoyable experience. I started working with them about four years ago and have continued to consult with them on a number of issues over the years. Their Executive Development Program (EDP) is a great way to learn how to capitalize on your strengths and address your weaknesses. It enables you to create an excellent career development plan. The benefits of the EDP program help both the individual and the entire organization.

From Results to Relationships – Both are Critical: I worked for 30 years for a large corporation. I started with them as an entry-level employee and worked up to middle management working in direct support of the officers. When I was 40 years old, I was identified as a high potential manager, but in spite of the fact that everyone was very pleased with my work, I never could break through to the next level. When I was still in mid-management 10 years later, I chose to leave. I knew there were aspects about me that held me back, but I was never sure what they were.

Driven to Succeed: Jim is a natural marketer who admits that he has to work at being an effective manager. At the prompting of his former boss, he began working on leadership development with Bob Turknett of the Turknett Leadership Group. When he started working with Bob, Jim described his management style as being very driven and autocratic.

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