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“I believe that their Leadership Character Model is a model that any organization could benefit from. For us, the Leadership Character Model helped to create a common language around levels of leadership; it helped us immensely in providing direction to our supervisors and to the whole organization.”

Jack Shipkoski, CEO (Retired)

American Cancer Society, South Atlantic Division


 “The Leadership Character Model is one of the foundations of what the Turknett Leadership Group brings to the table. The model and the characteristics associated with it are really the key, the guidance that is given to leaders on how they should be managing and leading their organizations.“

“The emphasis that TLG puts on character, and in particular on leadership character is absolutely needed today. It’s something that we can’t underestimate and also it’s been a driver toward the reduction of turnover in our own organization.”

Doug Ross, President



“The graphic representation of the Leadership Character Model is something that I always think about when I am reflecting on my own leadership journey. The scales with integrity as the base and respect and responsibility in perfect balance serve as a powerful visual reminder of what will happen if you over-index on one component or the other. I frequently use it to self assess how I am leading in my professional and personal lives.”
Tracy L. Garner, Vice President



“The Leadership Character Model has indeed been a great gift to Open Hand. Through this model, our leadership team now has a shared understanding of why integrity and character are at the core of effective leadership.  It helped us to refocus on the values that we want to define our organizational culture and has provided us with the tools to help each other and our employees develop the character needed to lead.  As a result, we are a better functioning organization that is more empowered to achieve our mission.”

Matt Pieper, Executive Director

Open Hand Atlanta


“Throughout my personal experience in military, government, industry, academia and volunteer organizations, I have been exposed to numerous leadership styles and models.  I view the Leadership Character Model as the most powerful and effective representation I have encountered of the fundamental characteristics that a good leader must understand and embrace to be successful. Needless to say, I am a strong fan of this model!”

Jim McGarrah, Director of Information and Communications Laboratory

Georgia Tech Research Institute


What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Executive Development Program.



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