Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey


Turknett Leadership Group has used engagement surveys for many years. Regarding DEI specifically, our clients have recently seen the need to gather more data specifically on the issues of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). In response to this need, we now offer a DEI-focused survey product.

The DEI-focused survey is a robust tool with strong norms built upon a longstanding climate and culture assessment that TLG has used with clients for over two decades which now includes a specific DEI focus with benchmarks from a number of industries. The DEI survey is the first step towards a diverse and inclusive workplace. This survey will assess your organization from top to bottom, leading to courageous conversations, feedback, and strong insight in the following areas:



Examine the representation of diverse groups within your organization.



Obtain insights that will help create an inclusive workplace that fosters innovation and engagement.



Help you ensure that diversity and inclusion is embedded in the organization’s processes at every level.



Ask the right questions to draw out comments that will lead to the right conversations.



Through this survey, your organization will gather opinions of all employees to help determine if there is an atmosphere of trust, conflict resolution, and engagement.


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