Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey

Turknett Leadership Group is an expert in administering surveys. Our clients have recently seen the need to gather more data specifically on the issues of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). We’ve heard them loud and clear. We now offer a DEI-focused survey product called the DEI Survey.

TLG’s DEI survey impacts both the organization and its employees. For the organization, our DEI survey helps them to foster a culture of trust, conflict resolution, and engagement. We help them identify the areas in which they need improvement and where they can focus their DEI efforts and resources. It is essential to equip leadership with the knowledge and information they need to be able to move their organization toward being inclusive.

For employees, the benefits are clear. It’s crucial to increase awareness of how their perceptions and assumptions are affecting others. This survey helps them to lead and participate in courageous conversations that make a difference. It also encourages them to continue to learn more about DEI and how they can make positive change.

The DEI survey is the first step towards a diverse and inclusive workplace. we will assess your organization from top to bottom, leading to courageous conversations, feedback, and strong insight in the following areas:



Examine the representation of diverse groups within your organization.



Obtain insights that will help create an inclusive workplace that fosters innovation and engagement.



Help you ensure that diversity and inclusion is embedded in the organization’s processes at every level.



Ask the right questions to draw out comments that will lead to the right conversations.



Through this survey, your organization will gather opinions of all employees to help determine if there is an atmosphere of trust, conflict resolution, and engagement.


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