Going First: Growing a Culture of Leadership Character

Going First: Growing a Culture of Leadership Character is a Leadership Character training program designed by the Turknett Leadership Group.  By using well-researched behavioral science principles balanced with inspiration, anecdotes, interactive activities, and examples of positive and negative behavior, this training focuses on how to:

  • Lead with character and integrity
  • Take personal responsibility for your organization’s success
  • Help break down silos and encourage cross departmental collaboration

Going First is designed to be a cost-effective process for cultural alignment that is applicable across all levels and departments in an organization. The program develops each person as a leader and encourages an ethical, accountable, and respectful culture. Going First is designed to be an 8-hour program but can be reduced in time if needed. Certification is available for delivery as a “train the trainer” program.  Going First can be customized to incorporate an organization’s values or goals.

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 Going First is based on the Leadership Character Model™, a model developed in 1995 by Robert and Carolyn Turknett, founders of Turknett Leadership Group.  They believe that leadership is grounded in character. Leadership character is built on a strong base of integrity, and the leadership scale must be balanced between the qualities of respect and responsibility. Today, when leadership is needed at all organizational levels, it is critical that leadership character be developed in all individuals. When Leadership Character is everywhere, everyone thinks like an owner and takes personal responsibility for the organization’s success.

What attendees are saying…

  • “Very well-rounded character development focus – great observations on developing or strengthening behaviors to improve the individual employee and for building a stronger supportive working environment and a stronger organization.”
  • “Liked everything! Such a great course and much needed. A shot in the arm of positivity and help in rethinking how we approach our work. I think this is a must-have course for all companies.”

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