Harriett Tubman

By Dr. Patricia Thompson

TLG Senior consultant

A leader I admire is Harriet Tubman, because she truly exemplified one of our key messages at TLG – that anyone can lead. Born into slavery, she escaped and became a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Over the years, she risked her life to lead dozens of other enslaved individuals to freedom. During the Civil War, she also worked as a spy, and became the first woman to lead an armed assault. In addition, in her later life, she promoted women’s suffrage. She accomplished all of this without having learned how to read or write, and despite having suffered a traumatic head injury during her youth which cause ongoing pain and dizziness throughout her life.

Given her story, I think it’s obvious why she’s inspirational. In particular, I admire her courage, grit, and ability to use her skills and talents to better the lives of others. She had a vision of how things could be, and she did everything in her power to bring it to fruition. Her final words, “I go to prepare a place for you,” epitomized how she lived, and showed how she was thinking of others, even to her last breath. Talk about leadership character!

To learn more about her, click here. I also recommend watching the film, “Harriet,” for which Cynthia Ervo received an Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of this great woman.