Accelerating Leader Development

From assessing and identifying high potentials through a formal succession planning process to partnering with you to design a custom development curriculum, TLG will help you maximize your human capital by developing high potential talent for future leadership needs. Our approach will ensure leadership continuity, and assure that there is a pool of leaders ready to meet the challenge of achieving long-term strategic goals. Learn more about TLG’s specific areas of expertise and programs below.

Custom Leadership Curriculum Development: TLG provides custom leadership curriculum development that focuses on a variety of essential topics including leadership and decision-making, negotiation and conflict management, leading strategic and cultural change, and developing leadership character. Read More.

Emerging Leader Program: TLG’s Emerging Leader Development Program offers a fully integrated approach to leadership development. This program develops skills that are essential for leading a business enterprise in today’s global economy. Read More.

Executive Coaching: TLG offers a number of comprehensive and individualized executive coaching programs that help improve performance and leadership behaviors, enhance an individual’s career, prevent derailment, and help work through organizational issues or change initiatives. Our coaching programs involve comprehensive assessment, action planning and follow-through, and evaluation which are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the organization. Read More.

High Potential Development: TLG can help you with your talent management challenges from assessing and identifying high potentials to partnering with you to design a custom development curriculum. We will help you maximize your human capital by developing high potential talent for future leadership needs. Read More.

Individual Leadership Development: If leadership is conceptualized not as something one person does but as a process any enterprise needs to move forward, then every person in that enterprise can take part in its leadership. It can be argued that everyone in an enterprise benefits from some level of leadership development. Read More.

Leader-As-Teacher Processes: The Leader as Teacher process is an ideal forum for capturing the experience experiences of senior executives and efficiently transferring their acquired wisdom to others. Requirements are only that you have a supply of leaders with a proven track record of success that are willing to share their insights with others. Read More.

Succession Planning: TLG offers an objective, reliable process which links succession planning with your long-term strategic plan. We will help you to maximize your human capital and its value added by assessing and developing high potential talent for future leadership needs. This approach will maximize your ability to ensure leadership continuity and to achieve your strategic goals. Read More.