Leader as Teacher Processes

The Leader as Teacher process is an ideal forum for capturing the experience experiences of senior executives and efficiently transferring their acquired wisdom to others. Requirements are only that you have a supply of leaders with a proven track record of success that are willing to share their insights with others.

Benefits of Leader as Teacher:

• The legacy of the senior leader is transferred.

• There is a minimal footprint on the executive’s time.

• A reverse benefit of the process is to the executive, who is better in tune with what is going on in the ranks.

• The process is cost-effective.

The Leader as Teacher Process can be used for:

  • Cascading cultural change efforts
  • Instilling ethics and values using company role models
  • Developing the next generation of leaders using current leaders as teachers
  • Transferring knowledge from functional leaders, e.g., CIO, CFO

Example 1

A Turknett Consultant was brought in as an advisor to an executive director of leadership development of a Fortune 500 company. They devised a program that included the next generation of leaders in seminar classes that were taught by current senior corporate officers. Each class included group discussions of on-going business challenges, group activities that challenged participants to put new ideas to use, and lessons on leadership from senior officers.

Example 2

An executive leader wanted a seminar on leading strategic and cultural change. After learning more about the issues, a TLG consultant and the senior leader collaborated and co-taught the seminar. The seminar participants learned new ideas about leading change. But they learned those ideas from their own leader and did so in the context of their current business challenges.

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