Aligning HR Processes with Strategy


TLG recognizes that for HR to be maximally effective, it must be linked to the strategy of the organization. TLG often begins engagements by working with senior leadership to thoroughly understand the organizational strategy, the organization and the position requirements. This work then leads to an identification of the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors required to achieve this strategy, which forms the basis of an integrated HR system. Below is a list of services often used to align HR systems with business strategy:

  •  Assessment Centers: An Assessment Center (AC) is a highly effective method for exposing candidates to real-world challenges, yet in the confines of a controlled environment. Whether for development or selection, TLG strives to ensure that your AC is aligned with the competencies, position requirements, and culture of your organization. Read More.
  • Career Development: A well-designed career development system provides a clear set of developmental objectives and opportunities that a person has available to them, dependent upon the career direction he/she desires to pursue. At TLG, we ensure that your career development system is as effective as possible by basing it on a thorough analysis of the job responsibilities and competencies for all targeted positions. Read More.
  • Compensation Consulting: TLG in partnership with Phillip Blount & Associates will help identify and re-mediate any potential inequities in your compensation structure so that your system is not only legally defensible, but also motivates your employee base. Read More.
  • Competency Modeling: To improve human performance in organizations, a thorough understanding of the organization, its strategy, and the competencies to fulfill that strategy are needed. Competency modeling is the analysis of the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors required for success in your organization, now and in the future. Read More.
  • HR Audit: TLG can help you identify susceptibilities related to discrimination and other related claims within your HR processes by conducting an audit of key HR areas such as staffing, pay equity, performance management systems, and fairness climate. We will compare your systems to industry guidelines and best practices, quickly identifying where to focus your priorities.
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  • Performance Management: The performance of your people can only be as good as the standards to which they are held accountable. TLG can help you build an effective performance management system that is structured and aligned to the competencies and requirements of each job, for each function and level in your organization. Read More.
  • Structured Behavioral Interviews: Research has shown that the most effective interviewing technique is the Structured Behavioral Interview (SBI). It works for one simple reason: the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. SBIs focus on what a candidate has done in the past that is directly related to the competencies needed for success in your organization. Read More.
  • Validation Studies: TLG has experience in conducting validation studies  with clients whom we have helped make informed hiring decisions through the use of assessments.  In order to enhance the assessment and selection process, many clients are interested in conducting a validation study to better understand the relationship between performance on the pre-hire assessment instruments and success within the company. Read More.