Career Development

A well-designed career development system provides a clear set of developmental objectives and opportunities that a person has available to them, dependent upon the career direction he/she desires to pursue. Furthermore, the system should be founded upon the core and job specific competencies of the organization. Competencies, acquired through training, mentoring and experiences, are the collection of knowledge, skills and abilities that an individual needs to develop in order to be qualified for a given position.

At TLG, we ensure that your career development system is as effective as possible by basing it on a thorough analysis of the job responsibilities and competencies for all targeted positions. Once the positions are accurately described, we then build relevant assessments that allow for the mapping of a person’s skills to the requirements for multiple positions across the organization. This development plan shows the person what they should focus on, depending upon the position they aspire towards.

But telling people what they need to work on is only part of the solution. How do you acquire and build the competencies identified for development? This is where Subject Matter Experts specific to your organization are leveraged to provide developmental suggestions and ideas, including job assignments, special projects, training courses, and even books and articles to build your “developmental database”. Using such an approach ensures that employees have a clear direction for the future, improving retention and overall satisfaction within the organization.

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