HR Audit

Employment related investigations and litigation are both on the rise as federal agencies such as the EEOC use increased budgets to more aggressively pursue discrimination and related claims, and former employees out of options in a down economy search for relief under federal anti-discrimination laws.

In addition, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments are among the major pieces of recent federal legislation that are creating new challenges for Human Resources (HR).

TLG can help you identify your susceptibilities within your HR processes by conducting an audit of key HR areas such as staffing, pay equity, performance management systems, and fairness climate. We will compare your systems to industry guidelines and best practices, quickly identifying where to focus your priorities.

TLG can also perform more specific analyses to determine potential issues with pay equity and performance appraisal, and use our advanced training in statistical analysis to identify and evaluate statistically significant disparities in selection, compensation, and performance management systems that could lead to adverse impact. In doing so, we help you strengthen your existing HR functions, align them with best practices, and ensure compliance with current standards. Using TLG will help you identify and address problem areas before litigation occurs, and will provide you with subject matter experts to support your legal counsel in the event of litigation.

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