Developing Women Leaders

While excellence in leadership is clearly not gender-specific, women and men typically bring different experiences, perspectives, and competencies to the management role. Our goal in developing female talent is to help our clients increase their pipeline of strong women in management and leadership roles. TLG has the ability to help women leaders maximize their strengths to benefit the organizations they represent.

National data shows that women make up almost 50% of all management positions, but fill less than 17% of the senior leadership ranks. Our goal is to help companies ensure that the pipeline includes sufficient numbers of talented women who are prepared for success.

TLG is an expert resource for women managers and professionals as well as aspiring professionals.

Our  service offerings include:

  • Women’s Executive Development Program: Individual assessment, feedback and coaching for women tailored to the needs and career status of the participant with measurable results and follow-through. Utilizes TLG’s comprehensive assessment tools, 360 survey, and Leadership Character Model. Learn More.
  • Women in Leadership Seminar Series: Our monthly Women in Leadership Seminar Series provides a small group forum for female leaders to interact with each other and with inspirational and successful leadership role models, thought leaders, and other experts. Learn More.
  • Women’s Leadership Workshops: Workshops to help women understand themselves as leaders, overcome barriers to advancement, and align their personal values with their work. The workshop utilizes a group mentoring model and results in an individualized development plan for each participant. Learn More.

Download the TLG Women in Leadership Consulting Services Guide (PDF)