Transforming Teams & Organizations

TLG works with teams, departments, and entire organizations to improve performance, assess and change culture, and cascade leadership character throughout the organization. TLG begins with assessment and diagnosis in partnership with the organization. We use an appreciative approach in all of our work, discovering and building on strengths.

Learn more about TLG’s specific areas of expertise and programs below.


  • Team Conflict Resolution: Conflict is unavoidable in today’s workplace, and healthy, constructive conflict is essential to high functioning teams. TLG works with executive teams facing unhealthy conflict to change the team’s approach to handling conflict when it arises. Read More.
  • Building Strong Teams: TLG provides expertise in working with senior management and team leaders to aid them in developing and maintaining winning teams. We provide the combination of objectivity, diagnostic tools, knowledge of group dynamics, and business acumen that can significantly improve the way a team functions together. Read More.

Organizations & Cultures

  • Cultural Assessment and Change: This process includes an objective quantitative survey and in-depth interviews. Generally, the survey is first administered to a stratified random sampling of a company’s employees. TLG consultants then conduct individual two hour interviews with a significantly smaller number of employees of the company’s choice. Read More.
  • Aligning Culture, Strategy and Leadership: Organizational culture concerns the deeply rooted beliefs, values, and norms shared by the members of an organization. While these beliefs and values generally are not directly visible, they drive and are reflected in the actions taken by an organization. What you strive to be as an organization and what you think you endorse may be different than the beliefs and values that are actually being played out. Read More.
  • Creating a high-performance culture: The performance of your people can only be as good as the standards to which they are held accountable. An effective performance management system is not just a system for accountability, but provides clear focus and direction for your employees. TLG can help you build an effective performance management system… Read More.
  • Creating an Ethical Culture: TLG has developed a process that can help ensure that your organization has an ethical culture and that you have leaders who lead with character. Investing in a process that seeks to instill an ethical culture is especially important in the case where there is an ethical breach. Recent legal actions have been lessened for those who have invested in such programs. Read More.
  • Cascading Leadership Character throughout the Organization: Growing Leadership Character within the entire organization helps to ensure that your organization has an ethical culture. Investing in a process that seeks to instill an ethical culture is especially important in the case where there is an ethical breach. Read More.