Building Strong Teams

Teams are an indispensable part of organizational life. At every level and in every facet of the organization’s operation, it is as important to have effective, competent, high-performing teams as it is to have effective, competent, high performing individuals. Both must be given attention and purposefully developed if the organization is to grow and meet the changing demands of the marketplace.

Winning teams – on the athletic field or in the boardroom – require the flawless execution of basics and position responsibilities, along with strong individual ability, motivation, and commitment; and these must be harnessed and orchestrated in order to come together to produce the results that count. In any setting, strong individual effort can easily be obscured or negated by the absence of teamwork.

Expert Help Producing Winning Teams:

Turknett provides expertise in working with senior management and team leaders to aid them in developing and maintaining winning teams. We provide the combination of objectivity, diagnostic tools, knowledge of group dynamics, and business acumen that can significantly improve the way a team functions together. Particular attention is given to transferring the skills and methods that will enable team members to continue the process on their own.

Although we call it Teambuilding or Executive Team Development, the approach might more accurately be described as “Organization Effectiveness Consulting,” as it does more than focus on group process and relationship issues. It also addresses the critical dimensions of leadership, task effectiveness, and organization purpose and goals, and the process involves a broad range of strategies designed to bring about overall organizational change and growth.

Effective Team Leadership:

Effective leaders pay attention to the task of building a strong team, and accomplishing this requires a unique set of skills and knowledge of human behavior and group dynamics. Unfortunately, many leaders do not possess good teambuilding skills.

Because the team leader is also a pivotal member of the team, objectivity is often difficult, and conflicting demands for attention may compete with accomplishing the task at hand. All too often the leader is an unwitting obstacle to team success. Turknett can serve as an adjunct to the leader who desires to realize the full potential of his team.


The goal of the teambuilding process is to improve the problem-solving ability among team members by working through the issues of leadership, team tasks, relationships, and organizational issues that impede group progress. Our teambuilding process integrates and strengthens the leadership role and builds necessary group process skills within the context of the team’s mission, goals, values and norms, on-going work issues, and the demands of the larger environment.

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