Cascading Leadership Character

Expose your entire organization to the specific concepts of integrity-based leadership through a cascading “leader-teacher” approach. Organizational leaders are involved in both facilitating and modeling the key concepts of integrity, respect and responsibility to create an organization where every persons understands and “lives” the qualities of the Leadership Character Model.

A process for building a culture of responsibility and respect

Leadership is fundamentally about character – who you are, not what you do. While there are many ways of leading that work, no style of leadership is successful over the long haul unless it is grounded in solid character that inspires trust and commitment. It is those with leadership character who will contribute to others in powerful ways and help their organizations achieve bottom-line results and long lasting success.

After many years of research and executive coaching, we have identified the core qualities as the keys of leadership character. Illustrated as a scale, the Leadership Character Model has Integrity as its base with Respect and Responsibility balanced on either side. Because Leadership character is needed at all organizational levels, we have developed processes for developing it for every level within an organization.

How does it benefit the organization?

Growing Leadership Character within the entire organization helps to ensure that your organization has an ethical culture. Investing in a process that seeks to instill an ethical culture is especially important in the case where there is an ethical breach. Recent legal actions have been lessened for those who have invested in such programs. See Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

Anyone, at any level in an organization needs to acquire the qualities of Leadership Character to be effective and successful. Individuals who are already in leadership roles will be stronger leaders- more willing to take initiative, to work with other parts of the organization, and to take responsibility for the success of the entire company. Individuals who are exposed to this concept will see themselves as a leader, because the focus is on taking actions on the things they can influence and control, which in turn, benefits the entire organization.

Typical components of Leadership Character Consulting:

Assessment of the Organization

An abbreviated organization survey administered via Internet will provide additional data to support and define the consulting around leadership. (If a thorough organization survey has recently been conducted, Turknett can use this data instead of conducting an additional survey.)

Building Leadership Character in the Leadership Team

In working with the senior leadership team, we typically have the group participate in the following:

  • Leadership Character Profile (LC Profile) – An online assessment based on the Leadership Character Model that measures the individual qualities
  • Leadership Character 360 (LC 360) – Based on the TLG Leadership Character Model, this assessment gets feedback from a variety of sources including direct reports, peers and superiors.
  • Individual Feedback Session – After the data from the LC 360 and LC Profile has been compiled and analyzed, each participant will receive individual feedback from one of our Senior Consultants on the results as well as individual coaching on developing leadership character. A plan of action will be decided upon at that time.
  • Team Conference – Either a one-day or half day format in which the team report on the 360 results will be discussed along with the organization assessment
  • Activities and exercises will be a part of the conference to reinforce the learning
  • Action plans will be decided upon as a group

The Leadership Team Conference can also include:

  • Personality Assessments e.g., Myers-Briggs or Herman Brain Dominance Indicator, which can be related to the process of developing Leadership Character
  • Additional activities that support teamwork and collaboration

(Note: This process can be extended for use with other management levels.)

To extend to the entire organization, we recommend our Growing Leadership Character Process. Designed as an overarching process including a cascading Leaders Teaching Leaders approach. This approach allows leaders to be heavily involved in both facilitating and modeling the key concepts with a minimal impact on their time.

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