Team Conflict Resolution

Conflict is unavoidable in today’s global workplace, and constructive conflict is essential to high functioning teams. Healthy conflict, though, is usually about ideas and tasks, not about personalities and relationships. TLG works with teams or departments facing unproductive conflict to change the team’s approach to understanding and handling conflict when it arises. In some situations TLG works at both the individual and group level to ensure that conflict becomes a healthy source of interaction and even new ideas and solutions.

Typically, Team Conflict Resolution takes place through a half-day development meeting with the team to better understand team cohesiveness and the ability to work together more effectively.  Most of the time together will be spent in facilitated discussion.  The agenda is flexible and dependent on the needs of the team. The Turknett Leadership Character Model is used as a framework for discussion and learning. Meetings focus on teamwork, building trust, understanding differences, and conflict management.  Topics for the meeting might also include:

  • Trust, Openness and Respect
  • Leadership Character Overview
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Conflict and Communication
  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • Team Charter

Prior to the team development meeting, TLG gathers data through interviews or surveys to better understand team dynamics, strengths and challenges for each team member, and the development needs of the team as a whole.

Assessments may also be used to better understand the individual team members. Both personality inventories and team conflict tools may be used in this case. Learn more about team assessments.

Learn more about TLG’s Team Development services.

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