Leaders Who Changed the World: Who Are You Most Like?

President’s Day is near, and we decided to reflect upon some of the lessons, qualities, and legacies of past leaders in our country and our world. When we look back, it’s phenomenal to think how character has drastically shaped the world we live in today. The humility that led George Washington to resign as commander-in-chief after winning the war, out of his respect for the American Republic. The growth mindset and love of learning that drove Sejong the Great to create the Korean Alphabet. The tenacity that drove a young peasant girl from the countryside to leave her comfort zone (and her socially-acceptable position) and lead the French army to victory over the English, and become Joan of Arc as we know her today.

Each of these accomplishments were aided by extreme skill and action, of course. But it is character that serves as their foundation and their reason for existence.  In honor of the great leaders of the past and the character that helped them change the world, we’ve created a quiz: Which Historical Leader Are You? Answer a few questions about your own character and we’ll tell you which great historical leader’s style you’re most aligned with.