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We're Transforming Today’s Managers into Tomorrow’s Leaders

“One in two employees don’t leave a job, they leave a manager.” – Gallup, 2017

Manager 2 Leader is a game-changer that is transforming today’s managers into tomorrow’s leaders. Through various interactive workshops that are tailored specifically to your organization, we reveal the challenges and complexities of leadership while providing the strategies, tips, and best practices to help your managers navigate the responsibility of leadership.

Over 35 years, our work has proven that managers with people-leader skills are able to reduce employee turnover, increasing retention and engagement. Take the steps needed to ensure you are positioning your managers, teams, and organization for success.

Leadership is not about managing money, time, or tasks. It’s about people and driving the strategic vision forward. As your organization grows, so does the need to prepare the next generation of leaders who will drive your organization into the future. Limited and canned leadership training is no longer enough.

While managers can be strong contributors who deliver results, leadership cannot be assumed. When you risk a lack of leadership, it can affect the whole leadership team, and therefore the entire organization.

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Benefits & Outcomes


      • Gain the best leadership practices
      • Increase self-awareness
      • Greater understanding of the importance of self-leadership
      • Learn how to create an environment for effective teamwork, habits and norms
      • Understand what it truly means to have a mission, vision, and a strategy

Organizational Benefits

    • Effectively build your leadership pipeline
    • Increase employee retention
    • Increase employee engagement and morale
    • Reduce Team Dysfunction
    • Avoid the costs of rehires

Hands-on Workshops

Manger 2 Leader provides 4 to 6 workshops that are specifically tailored to your organization, equipping managers with the strategies, tips, and tools needed to be truly effective leaders.

1. Manager as Self-Leader

  • Self-awareness and Self-regulation
  • Vulnerability in Leadership
  • Values in Leadership
  • Self-Motivation/Developing Healthy Habits
  • Managing Your Professional Brand

2. Manager as People-Leader

  • Manager vs leader
  • Proven Traits of Great Managers
  • Leadership Character Model
  • Communicating Powerfully
  • Giving and Asking for Feedback

3. Manager as Team-Leader

  • Psychological Safety/Trust
  • Managing conflict
  • Making Thorough Decisions
  • Building Accountability
  • Focusing on Results

4. Manager as Change-Leader

  • Developing Your Vision
  • Building A Practical Strategy
  • Influence/Leading up
  • Change management

Meet Your Coach

Tim Huff, VP of Leadership Development, TLG, is an Executive Coach and Leadership Advisor who has a passion for helping leaders and executives at all levels to tap into the greatness that exists within themselves.

With over 26 years of high-stakes leadership experience in the U.S. Army as well as Fortune 500 companies, he has a unique background that allows him to empathize with his clients’ leadership challenges as he helps them in their journey of transformational change.

Tim Huff, ACC, Vice President of Leadership Development, TLG

“Tend to the people, and they will tend to the business.”

John Maxwell

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A Clear Path to Leadership

An investment in the development of your managerial staff is an investment in the future of your organization. If you are ready to transform your managers into true leaders of character, contact us today!