Mary Ellen & Knotting Prayer Shawls

By Barbara Jacobson

TLG Chief Administrator

I have a good friend, Mary Ellen, whose life is an illustration of resilience. She has been known locally for as long as I have known her in the church and community as the person who gets things done and is involved in everything!

Mary Ellen survived cancer over 40 years ago by going to the medical library while her husband was in medical school and finding one of the few treatments that might save her life. She needed to go to California for the treatment. She survived and our daughters, both born a few days apart at Christmas 1979, became friends in preschool. The girls were thrilled when they found they were neighbors when we bought the house almost next door.

For many years, Mary Ellen and I were both busy working for our husband’s businesses and our growing families, but she kept pushing me to be involved at the school, church, and neighborhood. She is the person who introduced me to Bob and Lyn Turknett.

Over the past 10 years, she has been reduced to needing a wheelchair as a result of the long-term effects of her cancer treatment. She spent several months in the hospital fighting for her life during the summer of 2018.  But within days of coming home from the hospital, was back at most of her projects.

Lately, she has been instrumental in starting a prayer shawl ministry and has encouraged me to participate. The idea is to provide a warm, comforting, knitted shawl to anyone dealing with illness, grief, or distress which has been prepared by someone who has prayed for the recipient while completing the shawl.

So to me, the definition of resilience is comprised of two words – Mary Ellen. During this past year, she has rarely left her house and has been very careful, but has continued her support to our community. Like a rubber ball – she just keeps bouncing!

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