Neuroscience Integrations at TLG

TLG & Brainjo: Unshackling Human Intelligence through Applied Neuroscience

Every organization’s greatest asset is the collective intelligence of its people.

This has always been true, but developing and utilizing the incredible potential of every brain in your organization has become more important than ever.

At Turknett Leadership Group, we believe that understanding the true nature and scope of human intelligence, along with how to support, develop, and utilize it, will be the key differentiator that allows organizations to thrive in the emerging business world.

To this end, through a collaboration between Turknett Leadership Group and the Brainjo Center for Cognitive Enhancement, we are developing and offering programs and services for unshackling intelligence at both the individual and organizational level.

At the Disrupt HR event in Atlanta in October 1, 2018, Dr. Josh Turknett, founder of Brainjo, delivered our vision for what we think is at stake here, and what organizations stand to gain by supporting and cultivating every mind in the organization:

More Neuroscience Integrations at TLG

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