TLG is highly experienced in the design, administration and interpretation of individual and organizational assessments. We use both proprietary and off-the-shelf assessment tools in our executive coaching, selection, and organization development work. We also work with organizations to design custom tools (e.g., custom cultural assessments) to suit each organization’s needs. Click below to learn more about the leader, team and organization assessment services we offer:

  • Leader AssessmentsAs leadership experts, TLG offers an array of assessments to evaluate leaders’ strengths and development areas for coaching, selection, promotion, and development purposes. We offer custom 360 Feedback assessments, personality tests, structured behavioral interviews, and many other methods of assessment for leaders. Click here for a full listing of the assessments we use to develop and evaluate leaders.
  • Team AssessmentsTLG has worked with hundreds of teams to improve interpersonal relationships, promote trust, foster productive conflict, and ultimately elevate team performance. To understand the team’s starting point, we often begin with a set of surveys and assessments. Click here for a full list of the assessments we use to help teams.
  • Employee AssessmentsWith assessments like the Myers Briggs Type Inventory for development and our own Turknett Workstyle Inventory for selection, we help our clients achieve bottom line goals by helping them select and develop talent at all levels. Click here to learn more about the assessments we use to help select and develop talent at all levels.
  • Organization Culture and Climate SurveysOur cultural assessment, climate survey, and organization character assessment provide insight into the informal operating rules that guide behavior and can mean success or failure. Click here to learn more about our organizational surveys.

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