Employee Assessments

With assessments like the Myers Briggs Type Inventory for development and our own Turknett Workstyle Inventory (TWI) for selection, we help our clients achieve bottom line goals by helping them select and develop talent at all levels. Click here to learn more about the assessments we use to help select and develop talent at all levels.

For Development:

  • Individual Contributor 360:  The Individual Contributor 360 is a multi-source appraisal instrument designed to provide developmental feedback on the performance of non-managerial employees. This unique assessment focuses on skills and attributes related to success in any job. Providing individuals with a perspective on how they are viewed by others compared to the way they view themselves provides a rare developmental opportunity. This assessment can be customized depending on the position and covers areas such as knowledge/strategy, character, interpersonal skills, innovation/chance, execution, impact, and motivation.
  • Turknett LCP:  The Leadership Character Profile is a statistically validated tool designed to assess leadership strengths and weaknesses against the leadership character model. The feedback report includes extensive developmental feedback.
  • MBTI:  The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory is a personality preference inventory used in individual and team settings to help individuals gain insight into their own behaviors.

For Selection:

  • Turknett Workstyle Inventory: A 5-factor based personality test that has been validated in applicant populations and is linked to validated competencies for selection.
  • TKI: The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Inventory (TKI) assesses an individual’s conflict style. It is often used in team settings to help people better understand their own behavior in relation to others, and help facilitate more productive conflict modes.
  • Employee Selection Questionnaire (ESQ): The ESQ is a unique assessment of integrity and personality that has been designed to be more resistant to applicant faking. The report provides an indication of the candidates’ likelihood to engage in both positive and counterproductive behaviors on the job.

Click here to learn more about Employee Assessments.

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