Leader Assessments

As leadership experts, TLG offers an array of assessments to evaluate leaders’ strengths and development areas for coaching, selection, promotion, and development purposes. We offer custom 360 Feedback assessments, personality tests, structured behavioral interviews, and many other methods of assessment for leaders.

Click here for a full listing of the assessments we use to develop and evaluate leaders.

For Development

Our series of proprietary 360 feedback tools facilitate development at any career stage. We also use individual and personality assessments to provide leaders with the self-awareness needed to begin growing as leaders.

TLG Multi-Source Feedback (360 Degree Feedback):  Participants receive the most helpful 360 degree feedback when ratings are completely confidential and the results are used only for developmental purposes. Read More.

Individual and Personality Assessments: We use a variety of assessments to enhance self-awareness and facilitate discussions between leaders, their teams, and our coaches. Read More.

For Selection and Development

When screening candidates or high potentials for leadership roles, we administer and integrate results from a variety of tools to provide a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth.  Following our executive assessment process, we often provide developmental feedback to the hired leader, as well as any internal candidates that were evaluated for the role. Read More.

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