Selection & Development Assessments

When screening candidates or high potentials for leadership roles, we administer and integrate results from a variety of tools to provide a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth. Following our executive assessment process, we often provide developmental feedback to the hired leader, as well as any internal candidates that were evaluated for the role. See below for a list of the assessments we use for selection and development:

  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire: An assessment based upon preferred work behaviors. Includes a report that summarizes how the candidate’s preferred style or typical way of behaving is likely to influence his or her performance on 20 universal management competencies.
  • Structured Behavioral Interviews: Structured behavioral interviews (SBIs) are created based upon the requirements identified for the job. By utilizing behaviorally based, validated questions, SBIs are one of the most reliable ways of evaluating candidate competency levels and identifying the best fit for the job.
  • Turknett Workstyle Inventory: A 5-factor based personality test that has been validated in applicant populations and is linked to validated competencies for selection.
  • Hogan Derailment Survey: A personality inventory designed to indicate risk factors that tend to impede work performance. The risk factors identify specific performance challenges that may be linked to validated competencies of the job.
  • Hogan Personality Survey: A 5-factor based personality assessment that provides percentile scores for 7 personality scales. The scales can be linked to validated competencies based on the results of previous research provided by the test developer.
  • Hogan Values Report: A measure of personal values that is used to assess potential fit between an individual and his or her potential coworkers.
  • Assessment Centers: An Assessment Center (AC) is a highly effective method for exposing candidates to real-world challenges, yet in the confines of a controlled environment. Whether for development or selection, TLG strives to ensure that your AC is aligned with the competencies, position requirements, and culture of your organization.

Click here for a full list of assessments.

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