Structured Behavioral Interviews

Interviewing remains a key component in the selection process for most organizations. Research has shown that the most effective interviewing technique is the Structured Behavioral Interview (SBI). It works for one simple reason: the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. SBIs focus on what a candidate has done in the past that is directly related to the competencies needed for success in your organization.This is because the goal of the SBI is to collect job-related information that ensures that the most qualified candidates will be hired.Research shows that SBIs are far superior to the typical unstructured interview still used in many organizations, because they are better predictors of future job performance, more job-related, and more legally defensible.

By using SBIs based on job-specific competencies, one can feel confident that they are using a valid and efficient selection tool, a consistent method for evaluating candidates’ qualifications, and a fair means of making hiring and promotional decisions.

Turknett’s Training Process

Turknett’s team of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists have extensive knowledge in not only developing Structured Behavioral Interview protocols, but also designing and delivering training for those that will be conducting the interviews. Below is a brief description of our four-phase training process:

Opening Phase

• Creating an environment conducive to interviewing

• Making introductions and developing rapport with the candidate

• Avoiding inappropriate questions

• Conducting an orientation of the interview process

Assessment Phase

• Behavioral-based questioning that solicit examples of context, action, and results in past jobs

• Utilizing probes to solicit more detailed information and/or seek clarification

• Detailed note-taking for documentation and data evaluation purposes

Closing Phase

• Soliciting additional job-related information

• Educating candidates on the job and the selection process

• Maintaining security of test materials

Rating Phase

• Classification of notes based on relevance and importance

• Independently rating responses based on evaluation standards

• Reaching consensus among raters through facilitated discussion


Turknett will develop a custom SBI for your organization that are:

Related to the job

  • Competencies, behaviors and interview questions are validated to job requirements, ensuring job-relatedness and defensibility


  • Guidance or standards for scoring are validated and provided with each question
  • Rater training is provided to minimize bias

Consistently applied and administered

  • Procedures are developed to ensure consistent administration
  • Training ensures all raters administer the interview consistently

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