Team Assessments

TLG has worked with hundreds of teams to improve interpersonal relationships, promote trust, foster productive conflict, and ultimately elevate team performance. To understand the team’s starting point, we often begin with a set of surveys and assessments. Click here for a full list of the assessments we use to help teams.

TLG Team 360: The Turknett Leadership Group Team 360 is a compilation of a group of individuals’ scores on the TLG 360 that helps identify the collective strengths and developmental needs of an intact executive team or a group of high potentials. Not only is the Team 360 useful for team building and organization development efforts, but it also serves to identify gaps in selection, training, and development. It also allows individuals to compare their personal results to that of the team and identify personal strengths to leverage and developmental needs to improve upon.

Team Characteristics Survey: This survey is built upon 12 key characteristics that make an effective team. These characteristics are expanded into 26 descriptive items and several open-ended questions. The analysis report provides quantitative and qualitative data, giving you a quick and powerful snapshot of team effectiveness and actionable data.

TKI: The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Inventory (TKI) assesses an individual’s conflict style. It is often used in team settings to help people better understand their own behavior in relation to others, and help facilitate more productive conflict modes.

MBTI: The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory is a personality preference inventory used in individual and team settings to help individuals gain insight into their own behaviors.

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