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TLG offers a number of comprehensive and individualized executive coaching programs that help improve performance and leadership behaviors, enhance an individual’s career, prevent derailment, and help work through organizational issues or change initiatives. Our executive coaching programs involve comprehensive assessment, action planning and follow-through, and evaluation which are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the organization. Many individuals, including executive and senior leaders, find some degree of isolation inherent in leadership at the top. Therefore, the need is high for individuals to have an objective, confidential sounding board and strategic advisor. TLG’s executive coaching programs provide a safe space for executive leaders to share their ideas with experienced executive coaches.

Based in Atlanta, TLG offers a staff of experienced business psychologists and executive coaches who understand the psychological, organizational, and business dynamics of leadership. TLG’s coaches and consultants have extensive experience coaching at the executive level, as well as lower levels in the organization. TLG has worked with over 2,000 executives in more than 150 organizations in a number of industries including telecommunications, transportation, banking/finance, utilities, healthcare, aviation, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and retail. Learn more about TLG’s executive coaching programs. 

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