Executive Coaching Programs

TLG offers a variety of executive coaching programs to meet the needs of the individual. Click on one of our services below to learn more.

  • Executive Development Program: TLG’s premier Leadership Development service is the Executive Development Program (EDP). EDP is a one-on-one, confidential management and leadership development process that strengthens an executive’s ability to lead and manage in fast-growth environments. This comprehensive program includes extensive assessment of a client’s current management style, and the creation of a personalized development program supported by long-term coaching. Read More.
  • CEO Coaching: This one year executive coaching engagement is designed to fit the needs of the busy executive. Dr. Bob Turknett works directly with the executive to move the company forward to its desired state. Issues including achieving business results, creating a desired culture, developing strategy, and attracting and retaining talent are core to this consulting relationship. . Read More.
  • Leadership to the Fifth Level: Based on Constructive Developmental theory and the research of Robert Kegan and Karl Kuhnert, Senior Research Fellow at Turknett, this developmental approach measures Leadership Levels or stages that leaders go through. The process helps leaders move to higher levels so that they are more adequately equipped to deal with today’s complex business environment. We also offer a Lyceum approach for groups of high potential leaders using Constructive Developmental theory as a lens for continuing development. Read More.
  • Emerging Leader Program: This program offers a fully integrated approach to leadership development including personal assessment, four daylong seminars, and one-on-one coaching. Program components are designed to complement one another and are most suitable for those who are emerging leaders – managers who have been identified as having high leadership potential or those who have recently entered into leadership positions. Read More.
  • Accelerated Leadership Development Program: A shortened version of the standard EDP to quickly help individuals grow. The program is geared for high-potential managers needing to develop certain skills, successful managers looking to enhance their abilities, and technical managers who need to enhance interpersonal and communication skills. Read More.
  • Coaching for Personal Change: This service is for those executives who, while being extremely talented in their field of expertise, often lack certain interpersonal attributes critical to the role of an manager or executive. Strong emphasis is placed on developing the individual’s emotional intelligence, to create a leader that excels in both people and task behaviors. Read More.
  • Leadership Character CoachingLeadership is fundamentally about character – who you are, not what you do. While there are many ways of leading that work, no style of leadership is successful over the long haul unless it is grounded in solid character that inspires trust and commitment. It is those with leadership character who will contribute to others in powerful ways and help their organizations achieve bottom-line results and long lasting success. Read More.
  • Customized Coaching Programs: These programs are designed to provide a cost effective way to strengthen leadership for an individual contributor, first-level supervisor, or mid-manager in the organization, as well as an intact team or small group of high potentials in the organization. Read More.
  • Coach Training: This program is designed to develop “internal coaches” for the organization. Leaders with learn how to provide feedback around TLG or the organization’s internal assessments, as well as set goals and action plans for follow-through. Read More.
  • Group Coaching: This program is designed to provide a cost effective way to strengthen leadership for an intact team or small groups of high potentials in the organization, and it is aimed at improving leadership skills and building a culture of feedback among peers. Read More.

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