Levels of Leadership

This cutting-edge executive coaching program uses Robert Kegan’s Constructive Developmental Theory to identify the leadership levels of individuals. These levels define the ways in which leaders understand different situations, relationships, and their own behavior. The coaching process helps leaders move to higher levels so that they are more adequately equipped to deal with today’s complex business environment.

To the Next Level

Leadership development using this approach can provide real developmental change in individuals and through them the organizations they serve. The process of facilitating real developmental change requires time and challenge. Turknett can work with individual leaders, high potentials, executive teams, or entire departmental teams. Participants build the awareness and the ability to unseat the status quo and grow as leaders to the next level. The approach is especially effective in situations where high-level leadership and a focus on the good of the organization are critical – for example, in mergers or in other times of rapid change.

TLG’s Process

  • One-on-one audio taped interview that is transcribed and analyzed
  • Detailed, personal feedback based on interview results
  • Two additional follow-up coaching sessions for action planning

Articles on Leadership to the 5th Level and Constructive Development Theory:

Learn more by downloading the Leadership to the 5th Level Service Description

“I have spent 20 years in management in public, private and not-for-profit sectors.  I have found the Leadership to the Fifth Level model the best ‘framework’ yet for practical application in the real world of work.  It is easily recalled and applied to situations, but even better, is quickly understood and usable as a ready reference for my own actions as well as those of my leadership staff.”

David Lawrence, Sr. Vice President, Human Resources and Real Estate, for the American Cancer Society-South Atlantic Division, Inc.

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