Coaching for Personal Change

This developmental coaching program is designed specifically for valued leaders who are at risk for derailment and are encountering interpersonal, behavioral, cultural, or skill issues that are hindering their professional effectiveness, on-the-job performance, or career opportunities. While improving these counterproductive tendencies, this program leverages the talent and preserves the motivation that brought these managers to their current level of success. Based on our highly successful Executive Development Program, this program is more intensive and requires more direct involvement of the participant’s manager.

TLG Process

  • Pre-coaching clarification and collaboration to set agenda and goals; this typically consists of a meeting with the individual’s boss and an HR leader
  • Data gathering via interviews, TLG 360, and other psychometric assessments
  • Feedback and action planning to create an individualized development plan
  • Focused, real-time one-one-one coaching that is specific to the problems the executive is currently facing in his organization
  • Unlimited phone consultation to assure timely availability of assistance as needed to deal with on-the-job issues
  • Accountability of development plans via interactive, web-based goal setting and follow-up software
  • Evaluation of results with a follow-up 360 assessment

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