Why Choose TLG?

Why should you choose Turknett Leadership Group to coach your senior executives?


The Executive Development Program is the most effective program for maximizing an executive’s ability to add value to your organization

Since 1987, leadership development has been the primary focus of our consulting practice. Our work with over 500 executives and senior managers has given us unique insights into the characteristics of successful managers and leaders, and has enabled us to build the largest empirical database in the country on factors contributing to managerial success. This database enables our clients to evaluate themselves relative to an actual, not theoretical, benchmark of leadership. In addition, we are experts in understanding the factors that can lead to career derailment for a key executive. The Executive Development Program (EDP) has been used by over 200 organizations for developing their key executives. It has benefited from 13 years of research and improvement, and is certainly one of the most comprehensive, structured, and effective programs for increasing the value added to an organization by a key executive.

Proprietary Analytical Tools

Insight, development plans, coaching based on objective data

Our proprietary analytical tools (the Individual Assessment, the Coworker Rating, the Position Analysis, and others) allow our clients to objectively evaluate their strengths and areas for development to help them create highly targeted development plans. A Turknett consultant’s feedback to a client is based on concrete, objective data, and not just the consultant’s subjective opinion. Our proprietary assessments also enable a client to benchmark his/her leadership abilities relative to those of the 2,500 executives in our proprietary database.

Continuing Research on Leadership

Empirical leadership benchmarks for advising executives

Turknett Leadership Group has become well known for its continuing program of research on leadership. Our research is based on personality and coworker data from actual leaders. Our understanding of leadership is therefore based on current, empirical data about key factors in executive success, not on academic theory. We have developed in-depth, empirical expertise in the following areas: the characteristics of the most successful leaders, the profile of the CEO, the profile of successful entrepreneurs, the profile of female executives, the characteristics of derailed executives and the characteristics of terminated executives. The profiles we have developed serve as a reference point to help us advise executives.

Consultants with Management and Behavioral Sciences and Backgrounds

Insights into behavior and practical management advice

The advice we give is only as good as the insights our consultants have developed about human behavior, the management process, organizational culture and effectiveness, leadership and how people change. Our consultants have both extensive business backgrounds and expertise in the behavioral sciences. This allows us to provide EDP participants with insights into their motivation and behavior, as well as practical advice on management and organizational survival.


Clients feel safe to address issues head on.

The EDP program is confidential. Feedback and assessment results go only to the participant. S/he controls who these results are shared with. This provides the participant with the needed safety and protection to feel safe to face their issues head on and not worry about the political consequences. Other programs are often more lax about confidentiality. We believe it is essential.

Customized One-on One Work with the Individual

The individual learns what s/he in particular needs to do to become a better manager.

Many clients consider the most valuable aspect of the program to be the fact that the program is completely focused on them as individuals. Unlike seminars and classes which instruct someone in how to be a better manager, this program enables the client to achieve the insight and internal motivation that s/he needs to be the best possible leader given his/her individual strengths and areas for development.

Combination of Objective Data and Long Term Coaching

Client is able to process and integrate data into an actionable plan yielding sustainable development.

The balance between the insight and credibility of the analytical, data-oriented feedback and the long term support provided by the personal mentor relationship with the Turknett consultant ensures that a client is able to process and integrate the data into an actionable and effective plan. Many other programs provide only a “data-dump” with minimal follow-up, which can be more damaging than helpful to the client. Others provide only supportive counseling based on no data. We have learned that it takes both to have maximal impact.

Long Term Process

Change is sustained.

Change takes time. Quick fixes don’t usually work. The key challenge in any development program is sustainability of change. The EDP process addresses this problem by offering numerous, biweekly consulting sessions over six to nine months. This is followed by an additional year of coaching by a trained, in-company coach, or by a Turknett coach, to insure that changes are sustained.

Systematic Approach

Creates insight, facilitates action planning, ensures goals can be accomplished, and maximizes sustainable development

The EDP provides participants with a systematic approach to changing their behavior to become more effective leaders. Each element of the structured, objective feedback clients receive (personality and management assessments, Coworker Feedback, Position Analysis, Peak Performance Profile, goal setting, coach training and on-going coaching) has been carefully designed to create insight. Our comprehensive and systematic processes have been carefully designed and sequenced to lead the participant to develop a few specific behavioral goals and to achieve them using an in-depth action plan.

Multiple Sources and Modes of Feedback

The feedback gets through.

Participants receive feedback from multiple sources: Coworker Ratings, personality testing, Peak Performance Analysis, and a video taped interview, as well as 13 one-on-one consulting sessions with a Turknett consultant. Because people learn in different ways, participants also receive written reports, graphic summaries, videotapes and audiotapes of many counseling sessions. From one modality or the other, the feedback gets through. The written material and tapes also allow participants to review insights and advice after the program ends, further reinforcing changes that have occurred. As one client put it: “There was no way in the Turknett process you could avoid seeing yourself as you are because you get so many different snapshots. You can’t rationalize; you must confront.”

Long Term, Individualized Coaching

Sustainable change and development

While assessment, feedback, and the development of a realistic action plan are critical parts of the process, individual coaching is the key to sustainable change. Coaching begins with the first session, and continues intensively throughout the process. This long term, individualized coaching facilitates the transfer of insights into the workplace and is the key to making this kind of development so rewarding for the individual and the organization alike.

An Objective Progress Report

Sense of progress achieved, strategy adjustment

“How do I know I have really changed and improved?” Many participants in the EDP process elect to re-administer the coworker evaluation after a period of time. This allows them to assess their progress and adjust their strategy for change.

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