Leadership Talent Assessment

Strong leadership talent is essential for success. Organizations must identify the behaviors and values that lead to business results and determine which current and prospective leaders exemplify these behaviors and values. In times of change – mergers and acquisitions, changing markets, global expansion, or rapid growth – a comprehensive assessment of leadership talent against the leadership competencies needed for the future is indispensable. This expertise can be applied at the individual, team, and organization-wide level. A comprehensive talent review is useful for hiring and promotion decisions, for evaluating a leadership talent pool, for succession planning, and for broad talent management.

Our consultants blend business savvy and expertise in the behavioral sciences. Our processes are robust, legally defensibly, and customized to the organization and culture. We focus on accurately evaluating the whole person through comprehensive personality and cognitive assessments and methodologically sound interviews based on research and years of experience.

TLG’s focus is on validly and accurately assessing each individual’s personal characteristics, social and communication style, decision-making effectiveness, management style, and leadership competencies. Each individual’s fit within the organization is assessed, determining to what degree the individual’s values align with the culture of the organization and to what degree they would be satisfied with a leadership role in the organization.


  • Objective data reported in a clear and accessible manner
  • Identification of potential and fit for each person assessed, including areas of strength and weakness
  • Broader understanding of the organization’s leadership talent pool and a deeper understanding of the key elements of the organization’s culture
  • Clarification of development needs for each person assessed


To the individual

  • Assessment that can provide information for coaching and mentoring based on identified needs
  • A shorter learning curve due to the diagnosis of current and future development needs
  • Insight as to what to expect and what is expected of them when transitioning to a new leadership role

To the organization

  • Determines who should be on the bus and puts everyone who is on the bus in the right seats
  • Reduces risk of costly hiring and promotion mistakes
  • Provides a detailed view of how a potential leader would perform in a leadership role
  • Identifies top talent and ways to retain and capitalize on it
  • Can provide development plans to improve the readiness of high potentials

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